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iMagazin's goal is to filter Apple's news and just write down Apple-related news that has realistic content. There is no fake, just the authentic Apple news from reliable and expert authors who have been working in Apple stores for years. Our task was to rethink and develop the usability and merge the functions of the magazine and the store’s into one handy application.

First steps

Previously iMagazine had an independent application. Our task was to merge the iStyle shop with the magazine feed and articles. Shopping and magazine functions are divided into four main elements with a bottom tab bar for quick and easy usability. As a first step, the user do not have to sign in or register, but you need to set up the notification and location settings before first use.

istyle main page

When you land on a main page, the banner of the new offers is the first thing you’ll see. After the introductory ads the categories are listed, giving the user a comprehensive view of the collection. Furthermore you can use the upper menu bar to manage your basket and search.

imagazine feed

The user can easily keep track of magazine news through the feed. When designing the surface, I had the task amongst other things, to get back the popular side animated navigation from the previous application again. On the search page, for the first time, the history is displayed, then typing suggestions to make the search easier and we show suggestions from articles for efficiency.


The third major menu item has an overview of the stores that can be accessed either by a map or by a list view. With the markings, we also distinguish plain shops or services.


In the profile section the user can access the registration or login and the basic settings of the application. After registration you have the opportunity to easily order and track the products already ordered. Furthermore it is also possible to access the service where you can view the products you have already submitted or add new requirements.

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