Be heard, be seen, be secure, find your way with the ultimate bicycle bell.

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Shoka Bell



The bell is a cycler’s most important safety feature and we want to make it even more effective. The Shoka Bell and app provide different ringtones to alert cars and pedestrians. They keep the bike safe with a theft alarm, help the user navigate the streets and keep track of the cycling habits and rides. Shoka Bell was born so cyclists can be seen, heard and shown the safest routes to our destinations. Our mission was to redesign and improve the app for the Bell which is essential for the product.

about the product

Shoka Bell features eight sounds controllable by an intuitive joystick and you can navigate through a city by glancing at your Shoka Bell’s indicator arrows and safe, convenient navigation. The Bell includes an effective front light, designed specifically for city use. The product can alert you if your bike is moved. The clamp that remains attached to your bars acts as a motion sensor.

UX first

Before we get head deep in pixels we started a usability-testing with a few users to make sure the overall flow and user experience interactions make sense.

first run

First use scenarios were updated to meet all the needs of a bike navigation app for a daily use. It walks users through from a simple sign in or register and device pairing step to creating a bike personal bike profile process.


Pairing a device should be an effortless task. So we've decided that if the user has a shoka bell device, he can do after the registration step. Once he does, it is no longer necessary to deal with this step, however the process will be available any time in the settings menu.

bike profile

Shoka app is about safer cycling and better navigating. Creating bike profile is essential in order to plan the fastest and most accurate routes for the user. For example, we can spare ourselves from a lot of stress and unnecessarily wasted time when the app does not take us to dirt roads if we travel with a racing bike.


Find your safest and fastest way while you cycling. When a user launches navigation it immediately gives a list of suggestions or the latest destinations what he has used, and also offers destinations of events from the calendar. It can be handy for example when he cycling for a meeting.

ride tracking

The other core function of the app is to track the rides. The main mission of the shoka bell is the safer cycling so to keep the phone from being used while cycling, so the device detects the movement and starts the recording automatically. Of course, this can be controlled later. If the user has completed the trip, the Bell automatically stops recording. Then he can easily share his ride with their friends.


The feed is the first page that the user meets after login. This is the main page of the app where you can review your performance so far or your recent rides. Before the user tests we used a tab bar for the navigation as the first solution, but in later rethinking we focused more on the main functions. So a floating button is placed in the lower corner, where the user can select the next step in a popup shortcut menu.

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