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Marquard Media



Our task for Marquard Media's online and offline content was to design a mobile application where users can create their own magazine along with products and interests, so the main goal of the design was to give the user the best reading experience.



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Before using the app, a simple and fast registration or login process is required. Facebook's entry will make it even faster.

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The Magazines app lets you access the coolest Hungarian men's and women's magazines and their online content. In addition you can filter by brand and topic depending on what content you are reading.


When reading magazines, you can choose the most convenient way for you. You can also read it as a regular magazine, but individual articles are available on mobile in a legible format. Use the button at the bottom of the page to access offline content. In the place at the article page, you can mark it as a bookmark.


One of the biggest challenges was the handling of offline content. The goal was to let the user view offline magazines as well as online articles as quickly and easily as possible. As a solution a floating button is placed at the bottom of the page to access offline content for that brand. 

Before downloading the selected magazine, you can get some insight of the content.

We have endeavored to make the reading easier and more accessible. In the offline magazine, you can open a list of articles from the bottom with a swipe gesture that lets you browse easily.


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