Listen varius kind of music for chill out.

My spotify playlists

Morning Shelter

A playlist for the early work and awakening. About 2.5 hours of music with more then 30 tracks.

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Carefully collected more then 80 moody tracks for working. About 7 hours 45 minutes long.

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More than 50 songs of the finest summer tracks for work or relaxation.
~ 4 hours of music.

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New Day

Carefully selected mixtape for
relaxed working sessions. 43 
songs, 3 hours 55 minutes long,

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A collection of some jazz and other electronic and smooth tracks for daytime work session or other activities.

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Chilled mixtape for
relaxed working sessions or background music. ~ 11 hours 30 minutes of music.

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Album covers

The Royal Freak Out

Full Circle

In 2015 I was asked to design an album cover for the band in which my brother played in the past.

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There will
be flood

I made a cover and other graphics for one of my friend's band.

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After Crying

Megalázottak és megszomorítottak

This is an experimental redesign project during one of the design classes I took. This cover made for the fourth album from 1992 for a Hungary based music band called After Crying. The album title is "Humiliated and distressed".

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